Free trial use before purchasing 購買前免費試用

To ensure that "Natural Skin Pretty" can help customers relieve and improve existing skin problems (such as eczema, dermatitis, skin damaged by steroids, skin prone to allergies or infections, acne, melanin, etc.), new customers can request a bottle of Natural Skin night cream (20 ml trial size) for free, "Natural Skin Pretty" hopes that all customers are satisfied with the free trial use before purchasing. 


Terms and conditions:

  • Each person can enjoy the offer only once.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Before enjoying this offer, please click LIKE and SHARE on Facebook of "Natural Skin Pretty".
  • Self pickup in Causeway Bay:  Register online in advance and make an appointment to self pick-up at Causeway Bay during business hours, present your registered contact phone number and Whatsapp for verification.
  • All self-pickup appointments are subject to the confirmed date and time of the Whatsapp contact.
  • If you choose SF Express to deliver the goods, you must register online in advance. The customer pays the courier fee directly to SF Express when receiving the goods. The courier fee ranges from approximately HK$20 to $40, depending on the weight and location of the shipment. For remote areas, SF Express will charge a surcharge for remote areas.
  • "Natural Skin Pretty" reserves the right to modify the content and terms of this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, "Natural Skin Pretty" reserves the right of final decision.



為確保 "天然美肌" 能幫助客戶舒緩及改善現有的皮膚問題狀況(如濕疹、皮炎、被類固醇損傷的皮膚、容易過敏或感染的皮膚、暗瘡、黑色素等) , 新客戶可免費索取一瓶天然美肌晚霜(試用裝 20毫升),"天然美肌"希望所有客戶試用後在滿意的情況下才購買。



  • 每人只可享用優惠一次
  • 此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用
  • 享用此優惠前,請點擊 "Natural Skin Pretty" Facebook  讚好 分享
  • 銅鑼灣取貨須預先網上登記及預約於營業時間內在銅鑼灣自取,請出示已登記的聯絡電話號碼及 Whatsapp 以作核實
  • 所有自取預約以 Whatsapp 聯絡確實日子及時間作準
  • 如選擇順豐速遞送貨,須預先網上登記,客戶收貨時直接向順豐速遞支付運費,運費約港元$20至$40不等,視乎貨件重量及地點。如偏遠地區,順豐速遞會收取偏遠地區附加費。
  • "天然美肌" 保留隨時修改是次推廣活動之內容及細則而不另作通知
  • 如有任何爭議,"天然美肌" 保留最終決定權