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"Natural Skin Pretty" is committed to using natural organic plant nutrition to brighten, moisturize, control oil, soothe and repair skin conditions (such as eczema, dermatitis, skin damaged by steroids, skin prone to allergies or infections, acne, melanin, etc. ). With the unique formula of natural organic plant nutrition by American pharmacists, after a free trial for more than 900 customers, 96% of customers' skin problems have been significantly relieved and improved. "Natural Skin Pretty" hopes that all customers will be satisfied with the trial use before purchasing. For this purpose, new customers can request a bottle of Natural Skin Night Cream (20 ml trial size) for free.  Each person can enjoy the offer once. Please contact us to register and request.


"天然美肌"致力採用天然有機植物營養來亮白保濕、油控、舒緩及修護皮膚狀況 (如濕疹、皮膚炎、被類固醇損傷的皮膚、容易過敏或感染的皮膚、暗瘡、黑色素等)。配合美國藥劑師的天然有機植物營養獨特配方,超過900名客戶免費試用後,96%客戶的皮膚問題有明顯舒緩及改善。"天然美肌"希望所有客戶試用後在滿意的情況下才購買,為此提供新客戶可免費索取一瓶天然美肌晚霜 (試用裝 20毫升),每人可享用優惠一次,請聯絡我們登記索取。